Tuesday, September 20, 2016

Classroom Update: Verb Conjugation Strategy

Hola amigos: 

We are finishing our 6 weeks of instruction this Friday. Here are some of the things that we have learned so far:

We spent the first 4 weeks of school reviewing Spanish 1 concepts for alphabets sounds, colors, days, months, seasons, numbers, and regular conjugation verbs. It is really important that you have have a solid foundation in Spanish 1 in order to be able to move on to Spanish 2 concepts. If you think you are still behind in Spanish 1 concepts, please come see me to find out if we can give you access to the Level 1 Spanish 1 through your digital passport account. You may also want to spend some additional time going on Youtube and checking out videos related to Spanish 1 content. I can give you a content map that tells you what you need to know in Spanish 1.

We have started working with lots of verb conjugations. Please make sure to watch additional Youtube videos on each concept if you are unsure how to conjugate your verbs. I will start building a bank of resources for you to watch at your own time. Please make sure you check the website often for resources. It is also a great idea to access your digital notebook for Spanish 2 and review the concepts more than once. 

In order to learn how to conjugate verbs in Spanish you need to be willing to do a lot of repetition and drills. Please make the effort to think about the process each time I ask you to conjugate verbs. Do not copy from others as you will not be internalizing how to conjugate your verbs. As we explained before, conjugating means to make expressions sound right in the target language using the right tense. We are focusing on present tense of regular verbs and present tense of stem changing verbs. Here is a very helpful video to get used to conjugate verbs in any tense. We will model this in class.