Wednesday, February 22, 2017

Professional Development for Language Teachers

Over the Holiday weekend I had the fortune to attend and present at the CLTA 2017 language conference in Monterey California. CLTA is the state organization that brings together language teachers from all over California. CLTA stands for California Language Teachers Association. Their main event takes place once a year through a conference in which teachers become learners in order to improve classroom practice. Although it is always challenging to leave the classroom and trust that the learning will continue to happen in the teacher's absence, attending this type of professional development is important at many levels. Teachers learn about best practices and how to integrate them into the classroom. Effective teaching happens when an educator is willing to become a lifelong learner and commits to improvement and innovation within his own practice. I would like to thank our foreign language department chair and our school administration for working together to allows the opportunity to attend events like this which fire up our enthusiasm and force us to reevaluate and adjust our teaching for the better.